Alien gear IWB holster review

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shortfatgunguy says:

Are you still alive?

serjoe06 says:

What impressed me about them is they will trade you the plastic shell to fit a different firearm should you trade or sell yours for another.

John S says:

I got one of these hosters for my XDM-9 about a month ago, and I love it. When I wear it out and about I can sometimes forget I have it on. You just can’t beat the price and quality!

uv77710 says:

Thanks for the review I just found out about these holsters and they look real nice. Shepherd leather holsters are nice to I have one for the poly public defender and I don’t print at all. But I like how these holsters you can adjust how high the gun sits on the leather part of the holster.

123classik says:

… Gun Grip.

123classik says:

Hi. Good vid! It looks very similar to the very expensive Crossbreed holster! But MUCH cheaper. Does the grip push into or pinch your body? Do you think it protrudes out more than the Crossbreed? Thanks alot.

Damian Archibald says:

Okay, you sold me! I’m ordering one when I get paid!

Kirk Kramer says:

My holster came today! Fits great! Thanks for the review !

Kirk Kramer says:

What WheelGunGuy said!!!

TheWheelGunGuy says:

Dont you think its time you did another video???

Oliver Delong says:

Thanks for doing this review I have been considering an Alien Gear Holster for my G27 and was surprised to find a review. I plan to order mine this week. I was impressed that they also have a model to accommodate a crimson trace on just about every Glock. Also very glad to find your channel – subbed!

Kirk Kramer says:

Ya must have thrown lot of business there way, still waiting on mine, miss you on the chats, finally made a couple videos on my channel , hope to see you soon !

BulldogPrepping says:

been busy lately but should be joining back in some chats every now and then

corbon10mm says:

Thanks for the holster review.I don’t see you on the gun chats through out the week anymore bro.Whats up ?

BulldogPrepping says:

No problem, always glad to help you guys out

ColdBore305 says:

Thanks Bulldog …I refuse to pay $60-80 for a White Hat. Etc. but I will gladly pay $60 for two different type of holsters . Thank you once again for bringing these to my attention.

BulldogPrepping says:

Nice, glad to help

BulldogPrepping says:

I have held them before but the grip is thicker than a normal 92 and they dont feel right, I would rather buy the beretta .22 conversion kit

BulldogPrepping says:

week and a half

Kirk Kramer says:

Well ! I ordered one! It was $36.83 total ( with shipping) and the cheapest price crimson trace laser for the XD & the holster was a Zombie Edition LG-448Z ( payed $119.00 for it !) Thanks again BullDog !

Jbotto223 says:

I use an Old Faithful Holster, and honestly love it. But I did swap out those metal belt clips for some Comp-Tac “C-clips”… I just didn’t care for thost large metal clips… They seemed to catch on chairs and scratched up some furniture. Just a thought.

Jbotto223 says:

Have you given any thought to the Chiappa M9-22? I know you’re such a fan of the Beretta, that I figured this was something you maybe would enjoy… Just a random thought.

Jeff Allen says:

how long did it take from order to delivery?

Kirk Kramer says:

I’m ordering one for my XD-.45 service model that will work with a Crimson Trace laser ! & ordering a Crimson trace now that I know a decent price I.C.B . Holster, Thanks BullDog!

Kirk Kramer says:

Nice holster! Great price! If I did not already have my holsters I would buy one ! The first one I bought was C.B. Supertuck ( 4 or 5 years ago ) at a lot more than yours ! Also have 2 R.C. Lean holsters ( about twice what you paid !) next handgun I get I’m gonna go with that brand holster !!!

HighAsCaptnKirk says:

pick up a weight for once in ur life! i thought u had a thread hanging off the sleeve of ur shirt but then i realized it was ur arm! not trying to be a dick but cmon bro

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