Raven Concealment Phantom Vs. HSP/G-code INCOG Holster Comparison

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1superframer says:

In the FAQ area on the G-Code website, they state in will take 4-6 weeks to ship.

CPLBSS88 says:

Dude, GCode moves 5x as much product as ravan…they dont have time to hold everybodys hand. They do contracts for LEO and mil…they are busy. If you have questions, call them.

Luke K says:

I spy a MTM Pro Ops watch… love mine

DynamicDefenseGroup says:

Yes absolutely, but you do lose some of the conceal-ability because you no longer have the cant of the loops working for you. It may work well for someone carrying AIWB but I can’t say for sure.  Bottom line though the hardware at least fits, yes.

Chondro006 says:

I know you put the g-code hardware in your Raven, but can you mount Raven hardware to the Incog(ie belt loops)

DynamicDefenseGroup says:


freecarry says:

Ya how old are you?

reflex6251 says:

How old are you?

TheThinkingVeteran says:

Have both… love both… Thanks for the review

DynamicDefenseGroup says:

Thanks a lot! We definitely try and do all our reviews from all perspectives, not just the way are used to doing them. Everyone has different uses for different things! Thanks for the support man.

Patrick Bateman says:

Great review! I hate when people review and just say, “I like it, it’s awesome” instead of saying why. I like how you talk about the features because people have all different body types and applications. They need to figure if it would work for them. 

DynamicDefenseGroup says:

Good Question. Currently I wear the Liger Gun Belt, which I have done a review on and has some draw backs so I encourage you to watch that video to learn more. I have recently ordered the Ranger Belt by Ares Gear and will do a review on that as well.

Mohammad Haris Tareen says:

What belt do you use for edc ??

Korindar says:

I guess a “thanks for your order” and “your order is shipping” translates to “no comms.” That kind of makes me concerned with your reliability on reviews. Also, you said you had to lean to get a solid thumb grip on the Incog, but you marked it as “good.” I guess I don’t understand your scoring process. You started out with what someone might expect, (small, med, large; great, good, tolerable) then you throw perfect in there. Also, you completely negate a 4 month waiting period. Concerns me.

DynamicDefenseGroup says:

The base price of the INCOG is $70.

Roman45ACP says:

What’s the price of the INCOG?

Clay Pierson says:

Same with concealment lol no pun intended lol

DynamicDefenseGroup says:

Hah I have a little bit of a gut, nothing major, but it’s just not that comfortable. The black shirt does wonders on camera! hahaha

Clay Pierson says:

Why can’t you carry aiwb your body type looks sorta like mine and i aiwb all the time

Clay Pierson says:

Yeah WA state!

DynamicDefenseGroup says:

That is a great idea! We are trying it out right now and will test it for a few days and get back to you. Seriously, good call.

Jtgarner07 says:

I don’t know how often you check this, but could you try out the INCOG belt loops on the phantom and see if they work and if they make any difference?

DynamicDefenseGroup says:

Thanks very much, I certainly try to be!  I will look into the PHLster (which I have never had in hand before) and see what we can do. Thanks for watching!

danxdanger says:

Awesome review. You’re extremely thorough. You should review the PHLster ACCESS and compare it to the Incog.

toosioux says:

I would finally find a solid review for the INCOG (comparing it to my current edc no less)the day after mine comes in haha.

kernisme says:

Good talking points on the 3 holsters, especially from a fellow ginger!

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