Review: MICRO Holster from Remora

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Micro Holster & single mag holster from: CCW in video: Kahr PM9 w/8 rnd mag & Kershaw Knockout knife Targeted for women who ha…


Ken Gary says:

Good review. I have had the micro for my carry for about two weeks now and
I’m liking it.

Krysta Blade says:


Ramone Sutton says:

your videos are always awesome.

Glock Brothers says:

Nice review on the holster, if Miss Skoot ever let’s me get her a gun this
would be the holster.

TexasArmedCitizen says:

My friend has to see this video

albatross497 says:

Thumbs up!

guns4funcajanajustin says:

Great review and holster!

Momma Badger says:

I can’t get comfortable with appendix carry. Still getting painful itchy
rash with remora top. Sticking allergies. I have a major tilt to my hips
and a two year that likes to cuddle and be carried.


Cool video

hdatontodo says:

Nice video. Good info and presentation. Perhaps the other snap could be
removed / drilled out.

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